Intune App  – removing a required app assignment to dynamic group

We have deployed apps to dynamic device groups. I was asked to uninstall an app but only for specific clients but these clients where member of a dynamic device group.

So I created an extra security group (APP-Service-Uninstall) in AAD and added this group as excluded in the required assignment. Next to the included dynamic group.

“Removing a group assignment does not remove the related app. The installed app will remain on the device.”

Include and exclude app assignments in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

This means that removing an assignment doesn’t trigger an uninstallation so it will remain on any current machines, you’re basically just stopping the deployment.

To uninstall you need to assign a group to the uninstall setting.

Exclusion takes precedence over inclusion in the following same group type scenarios:

  • Including user groups and excluding user groups when assigning apps
  • Including device groups and excluding device group when assigning apps

For example, if you assign a device group to the All corporate users user group, but exclude members in the Senior Management Staff user group, All corporate users except the Senior Management staff get the assignment, because both groups are user groups.

The app Assignment now looks like this :

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