Download .IntuneWin file from Intune to recover source files

In a search for recovering or downloading an IntuneWIn file to recover the contents I found a blog which describes a pretty easy method. I wrote this article so I could find myself the steps at later time.

So all credits go to Bilal el Haddouchi and Rudy Ooms who participate to the blog which explains how to recover an IntuneWIn file, it can be found here : Extract Win32 apps (.intunewinfile) – Microsoft Cloud Technologies (

 The process of install is that the Win32 app is being downloaded, decrypted and zipped in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Intune Management Extension\Content\Staging folder. After the installation, the files get deleted immediately by the SYSTEM account.

Bilal published a script and executable which temporarily denies the SYSTEM account so it will not delete the zipped file with source files. You can download the script from MrFamous his Github page :  GitHub repo.

  1. Download the script or executable
  2. Run the executable as an Administrator (Right click and Run as administrator)
  3. You will receive a pop-up that warns you that the SYSTEM account permissions will be denied on the IMECACHE folder when pressing OK. At this point, click on OK.
  4. We will now receive a pop-up that asks us to open the Company Portal and install the desired app. At this stage, do not click on OK or cancel until you have installed the application. It should give you the status “Failed to install” in the company portal (since it does not have the correct permissions). Now click on OK. At this point, you can browse to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Intune Management Extension\Content\Staging folder and see the app ID with the source files. Do not copy this file yet.
    Note: If you have clicked on Cancel, it will restore the SYSTEM permissions.
  5. Now that we have seen the source files, we want to copy theseClick on OK. The C:\Install\Intune folder should pop up with the (zipped) source files.
  6. After the folder pops up, click on OK to restore the permissions.

If you want to install the appropriate application, just click on Retry in the Company Portal app to download and install it.

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