Intune –  Create Windows 11 filter Rule

When you create a policy, you can use filters to assign a policy based on rules you create. A filter allows you to narrow the assignment scope of a policy. For example, use filters to target devices with a specific OS version or a specific manufacturer, target only personal devices or only organization-owned devices, and more.

Filters are more or less real-time so I prefer filter rules over Azure AD dynamic group segregation.

The best way to create a filter for Windows 11 devices is to use the osVersion property.

For Windows 11 we use osVersion Property, StartsWith Operator and as value 10.0.2.

To Create a filter in the new view,

  • Log In to Intune,
  • Head over to devices,
  • Under Manage Device Choose Filters
  • Click + Create to create a New Filter
NameBuild Details

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