Get-AutopilotDiagnostics & find app name using

I had an issue where the autopilot rollout took a really long time. To find the issue I used the Get-AutopilotDiagnostics. Here I found a Win32App id which took a long time to install.

Install the Get-WIndowsAutoPilotDiagnostidcs powershell script.

TIP : if you need to start PowerShell as Admin : Start-Process powershell – Verb runAs

Install-Script -Name Get-AutopilotDiagnostics
PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

More information :

The -online switch will retrieve details about app and policy from Intune using Graph API : Get-AutopilotDiagnostics.ps1 -online

MdmDiagnosticsTool.exe -area autopilot -cab c:\temp\

Get-AutopilotDiagnostics.ps1 -CABFile c:\temp\

Win32 Win32App_2014b4bd-a319-4775-b03f-b8cb97476c62_1

Now we found the Win32app id, go to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center to lookup the ID or just paste the app id into your browser you will find the application. In my case it was Edge.

Use this url : https:///


To check the Office application ID, I used this url : ……

Log directory : c:\programdata\Microsoft IntuneManagementExtension\Logs\intuneManagementExtension.log

More information :

Intune Diagnostics Settings Log Analytics KQL Queries Azure Subscription Missing Issue HTMD Blog (

command : systemreset

ms-settings: commands

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