SCCM Onetrace log viewer

OneTrace is a new log viewer with Support Center. It works similarly to CMTrace, with the following improvements:

  • A tabbed view
  • Dockable windows
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Ability to enable filters without leaving the log view
  • Scrollbar hints to quickly identify clusters of errors
  • Fast log opening for large files
  • Windows jump lists for recently opened files (version 2103 and later)
  • Status messages are displayed in an easy to read format (version 2111 and later)
    • Entries starting with >> are status messages that are automatically converted into a readable format when a log is opened. Search or filter on the >> string to find status messages in the log.


Starting in version 2107, the all site and client components require .NET version 4.6.2, and version 4.8 is recommended.


OneTrace installs with Support Center. Find the Support Center installer on the site server at the following path: cd.latest\SMSSETUP\Tools\SupportCenter\SupportCenterInstaller.msi.

By default, the OneTrace application is installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Configuration Manager Support Center\CMPowerLogViewer.exe.

Note : Support Center Log File Viewer and OneTrace use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This component isn’t available in Windows PE. Continue to use CMTrace in boot images with task sequence deployments.

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