Get Windows Autopilot from OOBE – Register Device in AutoPilot.

If your devices is bought without Autopilot registration you need to register it first by using Get-WIndowsAUtoPilotInfo.ps1.
Normally to achieve this you would boot into Windows and run the script and afterwards you need to reset the windows device to factory default.

This would take a certain amount of time.
A much quicker way is to boot the device till the first OOBE screen, the press Shift+F10 to open command and powershell, install and execute the script. Import the device in AAD and reboot your device.

Boot Device into OOBE

Press SHIFT + F10

This will open the command prompt

Type powershell and press enter to start powershell

Type Install-Script -Name Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo

If installation fails you could manual install the script by downloading the script from

Edit your execution policy and run this command.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

md c:\AutoPilot
Set-Location c:\AutoPilot
Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo.ps1 -OutputFile AutopilotHWID.csv

Import the csv into Azure AD Autopilot devices.

Wait a few moments and reboot your device. It will now autopilot.

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